Thursday, October 10, 2013

Signing off

The weather has been exceptionally fine on this trip -- warm and sunny with light winds and seas.  This evening we're about 500 nm from home and pushing through the remnants of TS Karen.  We're enjoying some wind, rain, and lively seas just south of the Gulf Stream.  The salinity snake was recovered earlier today after its boom buckled, but otherwise everything continues to go well as we roll along at a solid 11 kts towards home.  We expect a lumpy but uneventful trip across the Gulf Stream early tomorrow.

This will be our final SPURS blog post.  Thanks to the Captain and crew of R/V Endeavor for a very fun and successful cruise, thanks to the science party for their hard work and their contributions to this blog, and thanks to you for reading.

We expect to reach Woods Hole on Sunday.

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